What is EDC ?

The EDC Limited, formerly known as the Economic Development Corporation of Goa, Daman & Diu Limited (EDC) incorporated on 12th March 1975, as a development bank, enjoying the twin status of a State Finance Corporation (SFC) & an Industrial Development Institution. Over the last 35 years of its existence it has been a catalyst for economic development & main stream industrial growth in Goa.

The history of EDC is a repertoire of milestone achievements. It has already extended financial assistance of over Rs.800 crores by way of term loans to more than 5000 industrial & service sector projects. Some of these projects have resulted in generating large scale economic activity & crores of rupees in revenue for the state. Thousands of jobs created by these units, directly & indirectly, has certainly helped the state to ease the problem of unemployment.

EDC takes pride in its versatility that is a pre-requisite in today’s challenging & volatile business environment. The hallmark of an Illustrious organization is its ability to bounce back, after sustaining set backs. EDC has geared itself to diversify from a landing institution into a result oriented institution of trust in the service sector.

The equity capital of the corporation is not only subscribed by the Govt. of Goa but also Daman & Diu Administration and IDBI. The present shareholding of the Corporation as on 31/03/2012 is as follows:


Amount  (Rs. In lakhs)


Government of Goa       

Rs. 8620. 53              



Rs. 1153.22              


Administration of  Daman & Diu             

Rs. 319.00                




100 %

The present staff strength of EDC is 88, comprising mainly of professionals from various disciplines